My body has refused food. I dreaded this, I had a premonition that it will happen, but I wasn’t prepared. You see when your body starts to became a stranger to you, rejecting small things like drugs and milk then, you cannot trust it. My body is very special to me. We have overcome a lot with it. I am what in political correctness they call a plus size, meaning I am size 16, unapologetic about it and I draw stares and comments wherever I am. It hasn’t been easy- not to mind what people say about it but I am comfortable with it and I draw a lot of pride. Because of our intimacy, then I notice every small change in it. Two weeks it itched, and I noticed and I rushed to a doctor and that’s where it began. My doctor thought it was worms, I thought it was allergy, but because he is the expert he prescribed de-wormers and I conceded. But the itch did not disappear, it actually worsened and I had the most infuriating itch ever. Back in April I had the same itch and I had consulted a different doctor because I was away from home, the doctor asked only one question, what did you eat that you never do and for the life of me, I could not pinpoint any new additions to my diet, granted my diet doesn’t change. I am just not a food connoisseur. That particular doctor gave me three prescriptions and after taking them I was well on-my way to recovery. I never asked what the prescriptions were and therefore I was in a dilemma when my doctor insisted that I had worms, I was confused. So when his prescription didn’t work, I choose not to go back to him or even try to find a cure, I was determined to find the allergen that was the cause of my misery. I suspected meat but never suspected any other substance. I started by eliminating meat from my diet, I was prepared for the long haul because it can take some time before one can determine the problematic foodstuff. But lucky me, I did not wait for long, last night I was so tired after two days of travelling and for a quick fix, I thought eggs would be the perfect light snack. I prepared my eggs, sunny side up, ate them up and went to bed. Little did I know that I had stumbled on the cause of all my problems. In short I woke up at five this morning with my body itching all over again and the more I tried to scratch it the uglier-red did my skin got. Suffice to say I am a happy woman even though my skin looks like a sausage because of the eggs…

What surprises me is the way my body has continued rejecting substances. I remember when I was twelve I caught malaria. Back then quinine was the only drug used to combat the disease. I remember lying in bed at 3am and enduring a million needle-like pricks all over body after a quinine injection. Then came the sulphur based antibiotics two years ago. I had some chest pains and one doctor prescribed some poor man’s antibiotic and four days down the line, my smooth chocolate skin- at least I think it is, had the ugliest lizard-scales I had ever seen. I was given an antidote and instructed to always inform any doctor of my allergic to sulphur. Then last year the culprit was milk and this time round I was informed it was lactose intolerance and I became wary of my old friendship with milk.

Well I do not know what my body will reject, but I am not afraid because it’s my body and I love it meanwhile, cupcakes, black forests, green forests (there should be a green forest cake) and all sorts of cakes and of course eggs are no-no, I should thank my body for choosing my diet! Yippie!


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