My Dress, My choice

I thought I will not write about this subject. I have resisted the urge to comment and weigh on it on social media but finally i cannot keep silent any more. I need to speak.It is wrong to strip a woman no matter how much your sensibilities are being assaulted by what she is wearing! No man dead or alive has the right to strip a woman naked. It is not a mere matter of exposing her nakedness and shaming her, it is outright inhuman, because stripping a woman is assaulting her dignity. Now how are we- Kenyan women to step out of our houses, now that we have the so called “guardians of public decency.” My quarrel is not with the hooligans stripping women on the streets, or sexually assaulting women on public vehicles. Those are outright criminals who belong in jail and I am hoping that the special police unit constituted by evolution cabinet secretary on Friday will do its work thoroughly and bring these people to justice. My quarrel instead is with those people on social media proclaiming that women should dress decently if they do not want to be stripped. These so called defenders of decency turn that horrendous act and blame the woman for the assault. This is outright wrong. No woman should be blamed for any act be it rape, sexual assault, domestic violence stripping- acts that violate her dignity as a woman. When we walk out of our houses with an outfit that takes a lot of time to decide, we are not wearing our clothes to appease or attract men, it is our affirmation of our dignity. We have issues that we struggle with, in our lives and clothes are the only things that make us affirm our worthiness to ourselves. Men should realise that what we dress in is our choice, a choice they are not allowed to weigh in, which they have no right to uphold on the pretence of upholding morality and they have no right to strip any one!


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