Turning 31


What if I decide to love myself more? Turning 30 early last year gave me a lot of perspective. There I was, a 30 year- old woman, single, working professional with the open world ahead of me. You see, the twenties is quite a difficult phase in a young woman’s life. It is the phase of trying to fit in, to find approval and validations from other sources other than the self. This is also the time when you are expected to find a mate for your life as well as get a career. Trying to jungle all this brings confusion to a lot of young women. As the twenties draw to an end, any woman who hasn’t accomplished the above starts to panic because there are people around her who make it their mission to remind her that time is running out! I went through all that, the high hopes that a relationship is going to work only for it to disintegrate in front of my very own eyes, celebrations of completing both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree only to have the added pressure to undertake doctoral studies, the anxieties of settling into the job market, the joy of the first pay check and the attendant bills. In addition to this, the anxiety of the things unaccomplished, like finding Mr Right, building the longed for family and living in complete bliss, taking lots of pictures and posting them on facebook and on Instagram. I went through all this, but when I hit 30, I decided to make a change. I broke up with Mr Critical writer, and I decided to love myself, to pamper myself, to look for validation from myself and to shut out all those noises around me urging me to quickly get married- as if there is a supermarket where husbands are picked! I decided not to listen to the noises shouting to me that my biological clock is running out. I decided to seek my own happiness, to enjoy every sunshine and every dewdrop, to care for those who hold meaning in my life and to do away with toxic friends. Is this selfish? I do not think so but if it is selfish, let me be selfish for me! For I am, and there isn’t going to be another me in this world! Being 30 is great, it’s a great phase in one’s life and it must be cherished. My 31st birthday is a month away and I can only hope for great things, more happiness in my life whether I am married or not!


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